“Predicting Energy Savings for Electric Vehicle Cabin Comfort” Blog

Link: http://blog.thermoanalytics.com/blog/predicting-energy-savings-for-electric-vehicle-cabin-comfort

Paragraph: Electric vehicles continue to gain popularity as automakers reduce barriers to purchasing. Manufacturers are seeking solutions to increase range, offer lower price points, and expand the availability of charging infrastructures. These barriers are just some of the reasons consumers are slow to adopt and why OEMs are getting more serious about predicting energy savings.  

In regards to increasing range, engineers designing EVs have to be particularly frugal about the amount of energy they allocate for cabin comfort. Unlike traditional combustion engines, electric vehicles do not produce waste heat that can be used to warm the passenger compartment. Energy from the power source must be used to heat or cool the cabin.

Simulation methods can help optimize design selections and support engineers in making the best choices for the overall objective. One of our skilled engineers, Lauren, broached the challenge of designing an electric vehicle cabin for occupant comfort and predicting energy savings. In doing so, she employed our flagship thermal software, TAITherm, our coupling automation software, CoTherm, and the Human Thermal Extension to determine advanced comfort metrics.

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