[TAI Webinar] 電動車における様々な電動化部品の抵抗発熱に関するモデリング手法

  • 2022.3.9

As OEMs are electrifying their vehicle fleets, electrical component modeling is becoming increasingly critical to the design of electric vehicles and variations of the hybrid electric vehicle (xEV). In the past we have explored how ThermoAnalytics is developing tools for electrification modeling. Join us on Thursday, March 24, 2022 at 9:00am as we take a closer look at how Joule heating is implemented in TAITherm, and how we can apply that to EV components.

In this live webinar we will cover:

  •         An introduction to Joule heating
  •         A look at how Joule heating is implemented in TAITherm
  •         Multiple examples including: heated seat, catalyst heater, inverter, battery bus bar and an HV cable


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